Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation

Welcome to The Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation, a non profit 501(c3) organization created to provide gun owners with valuable resources in a hostile political environment.

Just as the Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon’s only no compromise lobbying group, OFEF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court.

OFEF’s legal team is tough, committed and determined to protect the rights of gun owners wherever they are threatened.

OFEF takes on the fights others won’t touch. .

Supporters of the Oregon Firearms Federation can be proud of their legislative successes, but as long as there are government bureaucrats who think they’re above the law, legislative victories won’t be enough. For that, there’s OFEF.

Be a part of the fight. You can contribute at this link. (Please be sure to choose the Educational Foundation from the drop down menu.)

Your contributions to OFEF may be tax deductible, please consult your tax advisor.

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